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"God is Coming Out of Hiding"

A God Poem

God is coming out of hiding

one photon

at a time

in your mind

and the challenge

is to slow ourselves down

long enough

to see the deer swiftly passing

through leaves of sunlight.

God is coming out of hiding in our thoughts

The good ones, the pure and selfless moments

That shade the light long enough to keep us

from going blind with love.

You think it a small thing

to stand at the end of history and

gaze backward at mankind

through a textbook?

Does that make you know?

Does that qualify you as one who has found

The mystery of himself?

What will they say when they look back on you?

How many Phd’s does it take

to steer the future

from another suicidal turn?

How many busted knees

must bend before

we stand above the Law.

answering to a higher Call?

How many times will you act that play

To be the bad boy one more day?

When I fantasize

About whether to stay alive

I come to the conclusion

That Death is no end either

and there is no solution

to life but life.

Anything but death.

For the man who stands

In the waterfall of his soul

the beginning and the end

are one.

And the rapture


when the moment is gone

and we return to our chains

in the body of man.

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